Rideshare Hub Chicago

Hi there and welcome to the uberhubChicago.com. If you have any questions, general questions you can always reach out to me, 365 days a year, my friends. My email and my text number are included beneath this video but it often helps to go down to a live person. Now, I have included the link beneath the video that takes you through to the hub info, the address the opening times, it’s always good to have a live representative to discuss an issue with them. If you’re going down there for activation or because of deactivation issues, you want a live person. Now the one thing you got to realize, if you’re going to the hub and you’re creating an account, you’re starting and you know the documentation that you want on hand is your driver’s license, your registration documents of your car, your insurance documents and your banking details. It is far easier to create an account. I have a link underneath this video, upload that information and on top of it you get your Uber bonus or guarantee. You will not get that if you sign up directly at the hub. Go to the hub if you have issues, whether it’s an accident or somebody threw up in your car. There’s something major that they want to discuss with you, you want to go down and speak to a live person. Make sure you write down the date and the time and the person you spoke to. That’ll come in very very helpful but very, very simple basic general questions 99% of the time I can answer those for you. Shoot them over to me. I’m excited to help you. Take care.

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